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I'm Too Old For This Shit, Man...

Had a great night last night. I'll just tell the story as it happened.

Yesterday afternoon, Maggie, Shannon, & myself were playing around in the kitchen at home - dancing, singing, and downloading MP3's of hairbands from the 80's & 90's and being generally silly. Maggie told me all about her day and we tried to make a game plan for the evening. Maggie's brother Ward, who is one of the funniest people ever called - he and his girlfriend Tammy (not to be confused with Laurie) were coming down from Athens for the Jennifer Nettles Band show. Soon Damien called me, his mom (my newest friend) needed my neck massaging services so I went to his house and helped her out. We left from there and went to The Tap to meet Jennifer. Damien has been eagerly awaiting meeting her for a while now, so I wanted him to have that opportunity before the place got mobbed. Jenn was very excited to meet him as well, and they hugged each other immediately - which pleased me no end.

We hung out with her for a bit before the band set up their equiptment onstage, then we all headed down to Rosie's for dinner. That was an interesting experience, to say the least. Actually, that could be another entry altogether - but I digress. Having dinner with the band was another way I figured Damien could get to know Jennifer & the guys better. She walked with Damien & I back to the Tap and explained to him how she was glad to meet him herself and not just hear about him through email, and about her involvement with Pasac Segundo, and in no uncertain terms told me "Your ass WILL be coming with me next year to Guatemala!".

Eventually our friends showed up to include (but not limited to) chola23712, her fiance Donnie, isis691, wsbsdrewnelson, pandorasparkle, photol, princessqtpi, Damien's good friend Lisa, my household crew sans Nathan, and a host of others I'm too tired to remember at the moment. The show was amazing, as usual - a bit short, but still great. One of the best parts of it was introducing Anjelica to Jenn and watching her reactions to songs and her singing word for word along with Jenn. Aimee & John enjoyed it as well, or so I thought. At this point, it is all a blur. Today is going to be utter hell. It's just now mid morning and already my nerves are fraying. Tonight I get to sleep beside my baby boy and fall into what I hope is a deathless spell and wake up to his sweet face.

SO... Are you all excited about seeing JNB again? JUNE 30th, ATLANTA PRIDE, BABY!!!!! You do not want to miss this show - and it's all ages and free on the top of it! To say nothing of the fact that there will be 100's of 1,000's of people - did I mention that she's opening for a bunch of drag queens?

Damien is helping me with a special journal entry to commemmorate the 5th anniversary of the death of my beloved Jeff Buckley, who died on June 4th, 1997. I'll post that on the appropriate day.

All for now - take care and be well you guys and gals!
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