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Bush was in Florida on two different stops to push this Social Security Privatization crap (which hasn't even been delivered as a clear and concise plan yet, mind you) and not once did he mention the name or case of Terri Schiavo. Didn't arrange a visit to her hospice, meeting with her family, NOTHING - but he's certainly able to use her as a political pawn with Congress, that's for sure. Currying more favor with the fundamentalists much? Wait a sec, wasn't he the Texas Governor that put MANY to death during his tenure? Isn't he the President with the blood of citizens and servicemembers worldwide on his hands? This is what passes for pro-life? Are you out of your fucking MINDS??? I am once again embarrassed that people I know/am related to voted for and continue to support this fucking asshole. Check out THIS gem:

Attorney: Terri cried at news
Claims brain-injured woman said she wants to live
Source: World Net Daily (I know, I know...) [Link]
An attorney for Terri Schiavo said the severely brain-injured woman cried and yelled out that she wants to live after being told today her life-sustaining feeding tube was about to be removed by court order.

Barbara Weller was in Terri Schiavo's room at the Woodside Hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., when the encounter took place, according to activist Randall Terry, who spoke with WorldNetDaily from outside the building as demonstrators continued a vigil.
Randall Goddamned Terry. Operation Rescue's finest. It is damned near impossible to believe that he beat a million other sperm. My contempt for this one goes back at least fifteen years if not longer.

Meanwhile, not that it matters apparently to anyone who aligns themselves with the GOP, but there are other matters pressing. For instance, the price of gas has soared 13 cents a gallon over the weekend, but we're going to spend as of yet untold MORE millions we don't have on destroying Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Again, where's the funding going to come from for this? From our precious stock of allies, who have so many reasons to support us? I could add a hundred other issues that I think we should have government intervention on, but I am far too tired and spent at the present time. Tomorrow Congress (or the skeleton crew that's there this week) meets to continue debate on "Terri's Law". Like any of them are actually speaking for her.

Outrage, plain and simple. Just wait until the reintroduction of the Federal Marriage Amendment fires back up again, I promise you that it's going to get really ugly - and the gloves WILL be coming off. Bush is putting his face on the cause of defending marriage, but setting fire to years of jurisprudence and wedging himself and Congress between a man and his legal right to decide the fate of his wife's medical decisions. Why the BLOODY FUCK am I the only one who ever sees this shit?

EDIT: Breaking News: House passes Schiavo bill
Measure to move woman's case to federal court goes to Bush
Source: CNN [Link]
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- After an unusual and emotional Sunday night debate, the House passed legislation early Monday morning aimed at prolonging the life of Terri Schiavo, whose feeding tube was removed Friday under court order.

"The measure of a nation's commitment to the sanctity of life is reflected in its laws and to the extent those laws honor and defend its most vulnerable citizens," said Rep. James Sensenbrenner, a Wisconsin Republican, in kicking off the House debate.

But Democrats said Congress has no right to become involved in a sensitive family issue.

"We are members of Congress. We are not doctors. We are not medical experts. We are not bioethicists," said Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida Democrat.

"Courts in Florida have received expert testimony from prominent neurosurgeons and neurologists," said Robert Wexler, another Florida Democrat. "The evidence provided by a standard of clear and convincing evidence is that it is Mrs. Schiavo's wish that she not be allowed to continue in a persistent vegetative state"

Approving the bill would "undermine over 200 years of jurisprudence," he said.
Don't EVER let me hear ONE MORE MOTHERFUCKING REPUBLICAN talk to me about "Activist Judges", I swear to fucking doG. I'm going to bed, I cannot take any more of this.
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