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Why can't I remember the last time the world made sense to me?

Gays In The Holocaust
This is a Must Read
Source: dailykos [Link]
This awful chapter of human history is too lengthy to record in one diary, and I suggest that folks check out all of the links I've provided above, in addition to this page, which links to more online material. The life of a homosexual in these camps included rape, molestation, brutal beatings and there is one testimony of death by a dog attack.

It is vitally important that this little-told history reaches the ears of as many people as possible, especially in these days of some forces in our government wishing to use homosexuals as scapegoats and political pawns.

Never again.

Today my heart is very heavy, and for varied reasons. I need no one's sympathy, so please - no well intended "I hope you feel better" commentary. All that ever serves to do is to remind me that I've got something troubling me, and invariably makes me feel worse. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just leave well enough alone, until you just can't anymore. That is where I am now. Caught between "How do I make this right for myself?" and "Why would I even bother, when I know it will make absolutely NO difference?"

Today is one of those days where I could really just make a mess of everything if I weren't careful. Today is one of those days where I could forget the man I try so hard to be and instead be cold, cruel, and merciless with my feelings and not have a care in the world for the casualties I'd leave. Today is one of those days where I could level your entire existence because you deserve it and only then feel justice was served.

This all makes me fucking sick to my stomach.
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