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I Don't Understand People...

Chandra Levy was a beautiful girl. She was to me just like all of the people who are killed every day, whether in planes crashing into buildings and those in those buildings, people killed in everyday life as a result of age and sickness, or people killed at the hands of monsters walking in disguise among us all. She was a daughter. A sister. A best friend. A niece. A neighbor. A coworker.

I long for the day when people who cause such pain and suffering for these victims and their loved ones are turned over to the families of these people . THAT, my friends, would be justice.

My heart hurts for her family and friends, and for her and what she went through in her final hours that day. Did she know the person that killed her? Was she scared? Did she know it wasw happening? Was it over quickly or did she suffer? Did she cry out for someone to save her? Did people hear her and dismiss it as children playing or someone playing a prank? Why the HELL wasn't she found earlier? I mean, half of Washington DC was looking for her, everyone in the country was as well - and just by luck and nothing more, a guy out walking his dog finds her. I swear, some people could fuck up a wet dream.

Maybe it is easier for me to be a sounding board for this, I've experienced loved ones having been murdered, committing suicide, dying from illnesses, and dying in accidents. Granny was just buried four days ago, so grief is quite fresh on my mind. Maybe my sensitivities are higher to such things.

I don't understand how we as a nation do not stop in our oh-so-busy-lives long enough to mourn tragedies like this and give it the thought I feel it deserves. Face it, people - you are all going to die somehow, some way one day - maybe sooner than you think. Who is going to miss you? Who might hear of your passing and think "Yeah, AND?

The only way to get love is to give it freely first. I'm tired of apathy, I'm tired of people taking things for granted and acting like nothing is cooler than them.

And on a lighter, more positive note...

I spent time and had dinner last night with Damien's mother and sister, and had the best time I have had in quite a while. I completely enjoyed watching them all play off of one another and can completely understand now why he worships that woman. She's the type of mom that anyone would be proud to have. I managed to get a few laughs out of her myself - she has a completely infectious laugh, the kind you hear and want to hear over and over.

We're taking Cole with us on Monday for a picnic/hike to Providence Canyon. We being Damien's family, Cole, & myself. I can hardly wait for them to meet Cole. He's also looking forward to his first hike as well.

Cole-oquiallism O' The Day:

"Hey now, yoy a wock staye, getcha game on, go pway!!" ::booty shake::

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