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Again Dreaming In Metaphors

Today I am spending time with Cole, so I'm not really writing much as he gets put before anything of mine. He is at this moment making the sofa warm for us to watch "Gremlins", which he has never seen before. I am taking this opportunity to write before the movie gets going, and am putting in the lyrics to the 3 songs that bleed, sweat, and breathe my current state of mind. All for now, more later most likely.

Free Man - Angie Aparo

Hey, wouldn't you want to know
everywhere that a river flows to right now
I can show you how
'Cause someday you might wanna go
Someday you got nothing to show
for all your pain
for all your chains

I ain't saying it's the only way
but wouldn't you like to know
How it feels to live like a free man
To give when there's nothing in your hand
Run like only the river can
Like a free man

You've only got so many roads to choose
Sooner or later the ones you use
They look all the same
Someday you might feel the need
Someday when you're tired of bleeding for someone else
You're gonna want it for yourself
I ain't saying it's the only way
but wouldn't you like to know...

Hammer And A Nail - Indigo Girls

Clearing webs from a hovel
a blistered hand on the handle of a shovel
I've been digging too deep, I always do
I see my face on the surface
I look a lot like narcissus
a dark abyss of an emptiness
standing on the edge of a drowning blue

I look behind my ears for the green
and even my sweat smells clean
glare off the white hurts my eyes
I gotta get out of bed and get a hammer and a nail
learn how to use my hands not just my head
I think myself into jail
now I know the refuge never grows
from a chin in a hand and a thoughtful pose
gotta tend the earth if you want a rose

I had a lot of good intentions
sit around for fifty years and then collect a pension
started seeing the road to hell and just where it starts
But my life is MORE than a vision
the sweetest part is acting after making a decision
I started seeing the whole as a sum of it's parts

My life is part of the global life
I'd found myself becoming more immobile
when I'd think a little girl in the world can't do anything
A distant nation my community
A street person my responsibility
If I have a care in the world I have a a gift to bring

Watershed - Indigo Girls

Thought I knew my mind like the back of my hand
the gold and the rainbow but nothing panned out as I planned
They say only milk and honey's gonna make your soul satisfied
Well I better learn how to swim 'cause the crossing is chilly and wide

Twisted guard rail on the highway
broken grass on the cement
A ghost of someone's tragedy
how recklessly my time has been spent
They say that it's never too late
but you don't get any younger
Well I better learn how to starve the emptiness
and feed the hunger

Up on the watershed
standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize until your agony is your heaviest load
You'll never fly as the crow flies
get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face the path at your pace
every choice is worth your while

And there's always retrospect when you're looking back to light a clearer path
every five years or so I look back on my life
and I have a good laugh
You start at the top
go full circle round
catch a breeze - take a spill
but ending up where I started again makes me want to stand still

Stepping on a crack
breaking up and looking back
Every tree limb overhead seems to sit and wait
until every step you take becomes a twist of fate

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