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I Love You, Granny...

I just got off the phone with Paw Paw. He was up at the hospital in the waiting room. I asked him to tell me what was happening, and all he said was "We're waiting for the doctor to come in and take her off the respirator. She's not getting any better and we have decided it is just time." I tried hard not to, but I began crying and told him that I loved him, asking him if there was anything I could do. He replied, "Just pray."

I would give anything, anything at all to believe in God right now. The one thing he needs me for, and I am completely useless to him.

If she goes before I can get there, I hope he's with her - I cannot bear the idea of her going alone. All I want right now is to be where the family is, and to breathe.

I'll miss you, my sweet, precious Granny. I hope I'm wrong and that there IS a heaven. My world is about to be a colder place without you in it. I can still feel your arms around me.
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