Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

BTK suspect charged in 10 slayings
Computer disk might have led to Rader's arrest
Source: MSNBC [Link]
It appears unlikely Rader, 59, will face the death penalty. He has yet to be charged with a slaying that occurred after 1994, when Kansas passed its capital punishment law. Additionally, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that law unconstitutional in December over a provision on how juries weigh evidence for and against execution.

A preliminary hearing was set for March 15, when Rader is likely to plead guilty or not guilty.
Can we examine that last snetence for a second. What's wrong wth pleading "I like taters! TATERS! TATERS I SAY!! I LIKE THEM AND THEY LIKE ME AND YOU'RE ALL BASTARDS!!"

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