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I'm getting REALLY fucking angry here...

7 month old infant baby prosecutors say was raped will recover, officials say
An infant who prosecutors say was sexually assaulted is expected to be released from a hospital in the next few days and make a full recovery, officials said.
Source: CNN [Link]
The 7-month-old has been removed from a respirator and is eating on her own, County Child Protective Services spokeswoman Estella Olguin said Wednesday.

The baby suffered damage to every vital organ and her tongue had been nearly severed when she was admitted to the hospital February 2, police said. Prosecutors say she was sexually assaulted.

"We've never seen those types of injuries in a baby that was alive," Olguin said.

The child's parents, Ivan Castaneda, 22, and Donna Marie Norman, 19, have been jailed and charged with injury to a child. Attorneys for both parents deny that their clients were responsible for the injuries.

The parents took her to a hospital February 2 and said she was suffering from congestion. When doctors examined her, they found severe internal and external injuries.

The baby and her 16-month-old sister were expected to be placed in an adoptive home.
I cannot even comment on this one, I'm too horrified.

‘Don't ask, don't tell’ hurts military, study says
Loss of skilled troops due to policy said to cost nearly $200 million
Source: MSNBC [Link]

*raises hand* Yeah, I've been saying this from the very goddamned motherfucking beginning... *explodes*

Kansas investigating late-term abortions
Attorney general seeks records of women who underwent procedure
Source: MSNBC [Link]

Pope Still Alive
John Paul II recovering in hospital after tracheotomy, officials say
Source: CNN [Link]


Anglican church gay rift deepens
The U.S. Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada have withdrawn from a key body of the global Anglican Communion under pressure from conservative church leaders horrified by the election of a gay bishop in the United States and the blessing of same-sex unions in the two countries.
Source: CNN [Link]

Murder suspect: 'Everyone has this all wrong'
The man charged with killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her 7-year-old son told his wife from behind bars that "everyone has this all wrong."
Source: CNN [Link]
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