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Today, my silver lining is brass for certain...

It is my contention that the only way to get love is to give it first, and give it freely. There is nothing so satsfying as knowing that you have someone, or multiple someones, that you want to run to with news for sharing before it goes to anyone else. Having people who listen to you talking about truly trivial and insignificant things and have them listen to you as if it were the most important thing you've ever said, your words are this intricate dream woven into a brilliant filigreed lace. This is what sustains me. Maintaining that level of respect and admiration for the people who get it and understand you, for no other reason that the fact that they are magic. I am proud to admit that there are times when all I want to do more than anything in the world is to slow dance with my friends and hold them like I'm desperate for oxygen and they are the purest air that exists, as a means of celebrating the gifts they bring to my life. So even on the days like this one, when I'm trapped between that crush of what I know is not good for me to think but is considerably easier to give in to and the satisfaction of pondering my treasures in these remarkable people, they invariably win - and I am the better one for it. My friends are every song I ever wanted to be written secretly about me and the yearning for someone somewhere who would one day feel about me like the songwriter did for his muse. And all at once, with no warning other than me catching myself and realizing that I'm smiling, the brass is silver once again and I might as well be on a billboard in Times Square proclaiming "This man is lucky, and don't think he doesn't know it."
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