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I added a fuckload metric fuckton (thanks for the clarification, auralia_tg) of links to my layouts, everything from blogs I read to music and then some. I've got more to add, that was just the start of it. I read more in the way of blogs and news sites than I do of LJ, so I figured it was time to get the word out about some of these folks. If you have a blog that you read or a site you can recommend, reply with the URL. No promises that it'll go into my list, but I'm interested to know anyway.

Gannongate is still simmering, and you can watch Jon Stewart murdalize the story in the most humorous of ways via Crooks & Liars. [Video] Also, if you haven't seen the Ann Coulter piece on World o' Crap, go now and read it. It's hilarious, I love that blog.

I'm a little sad that Geekslut is retiring his written blog, but apparently he's going to keep it up as an audio/video blog so that's cool. He's something else. But I mean it in a good way.

Not much else to say, trying to shake this headache I've had all afternoon and work on tweaking the layouts. Tomorrow's Friday, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully we'll be inspired by Saturday afternoon when we take pictures and work on D's new site redesign/LJ layout.

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