Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Hands Up, Who's Shocked?
Source: There Is No Crisis [Link]
According to the Economist, the burden of the tax cuts and spending increases in Mr. Bush's first term is already three times as great as the looming Social Security shortfall. In other words, the notion of a crisis in Social Security only exists because of the fiscal crisis the right has brought on themselves.

And they are continuing the farce. The Republicans have not included the cost of Social Security privatization in their budget, or the costs of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regardless of your feelings on the merits of privatization, it's clear that the Republicans cannot handle money. Why would we trust them with the trillions flowing through Social Security?
Question #2: Issues of Social policy and civil rights notwithstanding, who cannot understand why I'm emphatically Anti-Republican?
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