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Media's Gay Marriage Consensus
VERY in depth, informative story!
Source: FAIR [Link]

When the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in November 2003 that the state could no longer deny gays and lesbians the right to marry, it touched off a string of events that have kept gay marriage in the media spotlight for months. With that new-found prominence has come scrutiny from watchers of the media, with mainstream media critics and ombudsmen from prominent newspapers seeming to reach a consensus: News media have a pro-gay bias.

Jeff Gannon aka J.D. Guckert exposed
Jeff Gannon, another conservative "reporter" who asked bogus questions of President Bush at White House press conferences is better known by his real name, J.D. Guckert - a man who has been found to own internet domains which appear to be for gay military-themed escort websites. The personal hypocrisy thickens with the discovery of Guckert's America Online profile, featuring the man in his undies wearing military dog tags. Gannon resigned his post with the conservative Talon News after these truths came to light. So what domains does he own?,,,,

Ohio gay marriage ban used to justify domestic violence
Darnell Forte stands accused in Cleveland, Ohio, of slapping his live-in girlfriend - and he asked the judge to throw out his domestic violence charge saying such a charge should be reserved for married couples and he used Ohio's amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions as his defense. Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Stuart Friedman denied Forte's request, but only because the domestic violence charge was filed in August, before Ohio's marriage amendment passed. Ohio's ACLU filed a court brief in support of continuing to apply the domestic violence law to unmarried couples. At least 11 similar requests have been made on behalf of people charged with domestic violence in the Cleveland area. [More.]

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly changes his mind on gay marriage
Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly, gearing up for a run for governor, won the praise of gay activists and scorn of Republicans with new comments regarding his past opposition to gay marriage, surprisingly coming out as opposed to a constitutional amendment to outlaw it. "Everything changed on May 17th when gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts,'' Reilly said. "Once rights are given, they should never be taken away. ... The sky didn't fall in'" and "my marriage certainly hasn't been impacted.'' In essence, he took a 180-degree turn in our favor. That's not stopping the state's Supreme Judicial Court from hearing oral arguments, a year later, on C.J. Doyle's petition. The executive director of the Catholic Action League's case will likely have zero effect on the historic ruling though. "The Doyle case represents perhaps the final loose end that requires clean-up in the aftermath of the desperate efforts to undermine the Goodridge decision,'' said Gary Buseck, legal director of Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders.

Also see: Mass. AG Has Gay Marriage Epiphany

Washington state legislation confronts gay rights, benefits and unions
Washington state voters would be asked to amend the state constitution to outlaw same-sex unions, and governments would be barred from providing benefits to gay couples, under measures proposed in the state Senate. At least one of two resolutions now before the Legislature seeks to nullify Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' year-old executive order recognizing gay marriages from other states and void domestic-partner benefits some public employers, including the state, King County and Seattle, now offer their workers. Meanwhile, Washington's House passed a gay civil rights bill for the third year in a row, and once again it will move on to face an uncertain future in the state Senate. The bill that would ban discrimination against gays and lesbians in jobs, housing and insurance was first introduced 29 years ago. The House has passed this bill five times before, but it's been killed in the Senate by both Democrats and Republicans. Governor Christine Gregoire said she hopes the Senate passes the bill and she will sign it into law if it gets to her.

Ex-gay crisis line is being deleted from gay Web sites
National Youth Crisis Line poses as a legitimate resource but refers gay teens to Exodus
Source: Houston Voice [Link]
Four gay and lesbian Web sites that unknowingly listed the National Youth Crisis Hotline as a resource have deleted referrals to the hotline in response to a recent Houston Voice story that exposed the hotline’s gay bias.

The hotline, also know as 1-800-HIT-HOME, recently referred Houston teen Jeffry Faircloth to Exodus, which claims it can change sexual orientation.

Lynne Cheney Gets Snappish In Gay Amendment Interview
Source: 365Gay [Link]

Florida Petition Begins For Gay Marriage Amendment
Source: 365Gay [Link]
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