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Drug-resistant HIV strain alarms New York health officials
New York City Health officials are alarmed after a man infected with a highly drug-resistant strain of HIV progressed to full-blown AIDS within months of diagnosis. "This case is a striking reminder that the risk of getting infected with HIV has not gone away," said Dr. Jay Dobkin, director of the AIDS program at Columbia University. "In fact, risky behavior may be even more dangerous now since there is a change of infection with a virus we may not be able to treat." The department has issued an alert to doctors and hospitals to check other newly diagnosed HIV cases to see if they are also infected with the drug-resistant variant. [More] The 40-something-year-old patient reported having multiple male sex partners and unsafe anal sex, often while using crystal meth. His HIV strain proved resistant to three of the four available types of antiviral medications. Meanwhile, Bush's 2006 budget submitted to Congress calls for cutting funds for federal AIDS prevention and surveillance programs by $4 million while throwing a $38 million increase to sexual abstinence until marriage education efforts.

Also see: Number Of Cases Of HIV 'Super Strain' Grows
What, so a party boi having meth mouth and exponentially increasing the amount of STDs in the GLBT community wasn't enough, we have to expedite the mutation in the DNA sequence of this virus to help it kill us faster?

Let me make my position on this perfectly clear. In this day and age, there is NO REASON for people having consensual sex to become infected with HIV. There is NO REASON to be sexually irresponsible. There is NO REASON (link is NSFW) to bareback. As a matter of fact, the next time you hear of someone who practices unsafe behavior, I want you to print out this post, hand it to them along with a condom or two, and then bitch slap the motherfuck out of them as I plan on doing. Or better yet, punch them in their fucking face with full intent to break bone. And when you do, you tell them that I said "Fuck you, you stupid asshole - next time, just kill yourself instead."

You're goddamned right I'm angry. I'm furious that any faggot on this planet would willingly put themselves in harm's way when there are so many others, 'Good Christians' in particular, who would rather see us dead. Who don't really care if we live or die. You motherfuckers make a mockery of us all. You vapid, shallow, mindless, suicidal cunts are the reason they hate us and don't want us to ever be perceived as normal. "The 40-something-year-old patient reported having multiple male sex partners and unsafe anal sex, often while using crystal meth." Fuck him. Fuck him, and fuck anyone else who makes such bad choices. I've buried enough people in my lifetime who either didn't know better or didn't have choices. I have NO sympathy for those that do and ignore them.
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