Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Weekend Agenda

  1. Clean house
  2. Catch-all load of laundry
  3. Call arie
  4. Pack for trip
    • clothes
    • socks & shoes
    • chairs
    • toiletries
    • allergy meds
    • back up & pack external hard drive
  5. Make CD for the road
  6. D's laundry
  7. Clean out the Beemer, check oil & radiator
  8. Drop kids off @ Grandmommy & Grandpa's house
  9. Stop by Mom & Dad's to pick up camera, drop off CD's

  1. On the road by 8AM
  2. Arrive @ xtex's by 10AM for to kidnap him
  3. Head to six10steve & Keith's place
  4. Rugby match @ noon
  5. Kill time until dinner
  6. ~ The Love Dinner @ Cheesecake Factory ~
  7. Back to xtex's house to:
    • perform ritual housecleansing of the many ghosts of Adam's former tricks by walking from room to room waving a condom and screeching "FUCK OFF!!"
    • Nekkid hot tubbin' with the boys

  1. Farmer's Market by 10AM
  2. Lunch with any of our Atlanta LJ friends, time & place as yet undecided.
  3. Drive back, pick up chidrens, go home.

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