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I got a call last night from Pac, I think he wanted to stop by and say hello for a bit. He didn't sound like himself, so I asked him what was wrong. He explained that he was sick, and I told him to stay away, that the last thing I needed was to be sick this weekend working and having an infant to go home to. I think in retrospect that I was very short with him, if not outright rude. It was not my intention to come off like that, at all, it's just that I really cannot afford to be sick right now for starters, and I was right in the middle of doing about 6 different things when he called - to include having to reboot the computer because it was giving me grief and the Wavestation™ was being less than cooperative.

At any rate, until I get an opportunity to do this in person with you Pac, my most sincere and humble apologies for my shortness and dismissing of you on the phone, I hope you understand what was motivating me and also understand that I amnot offering that as an excuse for my bad behavior, but as an explaination.

Very restless sleep, having toothache problems and lost another substantial piece of the left one that never gives me any grief. Both of the wayward molars in my upper jaw that have been in steady decline as of late will be pulled this upcoming week. I've decided that I have to go ahead and do it, I was told by one of the nurses at the hospital when Avery was born that I could possibly die from something like this. An infection could route the bacteria to my brain and it could possibly prove fatal. Um, HOW ABOUT... NO!!!!
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