Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I am haunted by this song and the accompanying video

I've never been that big on Sigur Rós, I tried twice before to listen to them and really absorb it, but to no avail. Then along comes batmoon this morning, in that special way of his, and posts about their video for the song viðrar vel til loftárása. [right click to download: MP3/Video]

The video is about the love that develops between two young boys (presumably in Iceland, where the band hails from), and absolutely stunned me when I watched it this morning. I asked Maggie to come watch it and we both sat there, completely stunned. It is hauntingly, achingly beautiful. I recommend downloading both the video and the song, they're both amazing.

You can also choose from lots of music and video downloads on their site. Fair warning though, it is intense and beautiful and just might break your heart. I adore it.
Tags: music
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