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Call me morbid, call me pale...

I'm feeling better emotionally today, but I'm having sneezing fits and have already blown my nose 2,856 times in the past hour and 1/2. Joy unbounded. I also had horrifying heartburn when I woke up. VIve le Gaviscon!

I decided to kick this off with some funnies, because I want to be able to come back and remember this stuff for later. Last night my niece Sydney explained that her school was collecting money for people that got hurt and died in the "salami". When everyone was all "In the what, honey", and trying not to laugh so she'd say it again (this is a very animated, very head in the clouds child we're talking about) she attempted to correct herself and responded "You know, the soolami".

Last night Avery comes walking into my room, struts down my yoga mat, puts both hands on her little hips, bends over shaking dat ass at me, and sang "I a modow and I thayke my wittuw tuth on a catwawk". Yeah, I'm not going to translate that one, you'll get it or you won't.

Today is the final spring to do my craft projects before the show tomorrow, so I really have to get inspired. Heading off to work on that now.
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