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This post, and all subsequent posts of similar ilk, is dedicated to anyone worth my time, and anyone who believes that common sense is king. In accordance with the prophecy.

Search for WMD in Iraq ended
Effort folded shortly before Christmas
Source: MSNBC [Link]

I think this headline should really have been "Dubya Admits To Massive Fuckup That Sends Country Into Complete Shitstorm Of Biblical Proportions", but that's just me. Could have a direct tie-in with his flailing trade policies, but then when you piss off the entire world and send all of your allies running in the opposite direction (excluding Poland, let us not forget Poland), what do you expect? Terms like "Superpower" don't mean shit when you're in debt up to your nipples and no one likes you anymore, least of all anyone who could ever lend you a hand if you hadn't slapped it away. Of course, the idiocy doesn't stop here, oh no! Not with THIS bullshit adminstration! We're too busy cutting off our collective noses to spite our faces with archaic, ridiculous policies that convolute real issues and end up firing people we need in intelligence gathering positions, as evidenced here. Take a peek if you haven't already at this sheer tardness, part of Rumsfeld's extra special gift to rational thought. And while I'm on the subject of torture, let's consider what is really happening that a lot of people who still continue to support this abject lunacy don't want to confront. Take a look here and remember that some of these people are your children, siblings, spouses, parents, neighbors, coworkers, childhood friends, the list goes on. Consider that while you may support this war, people are dying so you can have your bullshit opinion in your comfy home on your fat ass with no worry or concern that you could be killed at any moment for something you don't even believe is right. I haven't even mentioned Abu Ghraib and the resulting new fallout yet, but it's a good tie in with the case against U.S. Army SPC Charles Graner and his shit-for-brains attorney. Why couldn't OJ have hired this guy instead of the Dream Team?

Most people now believe that this war was a mistake and it is now becoming popular knowledge (what I knew back in 2000) that Bush is poised to become the most unpopular president in history.
Source: [Link]
Since his 3-percentage-point win over Sen. John Kerry, Bush has experienced a complete lack of bounce in the polls. In fact, in at least one national survey, Fox News' Opinion Dynamics poll, conducted Dec. 14-15, Bush's approval rating has fallen five points in the last month, to 48 percent. In other polls, including Washington Post-ABC, NBC/Wall Street Journal, Pew Research Center, Associated Press-Ipsos, Zogby, and Gallup, Bush's already soft approval numbers have flat-lined since the election. That phenomenon stands in sharp contrast to U.S. history, when presidents voted into office for a second term, even after close elections, routinely have received robust approval ratings.

According to an analysis posted on the Gallup Web site in mid-November, Bush's current 53 percent approval rating "is actually the lowest of any of the last seven presidents who won a second term in the first poll conducted after their re-election." Right after securing their second terms, Bill Clinton received a 58 percent approval rating, Ronald Reagan 61 percent, Richard Nixon 62 percent, Lyndon Johnson 70 percent, Dwight Eisenhower 75 percent, and Harry Truman 69 percent.
You can read more in a post made Tuesday by Kos.

Some Now Question Cost of Inauguration
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution [Link]
President Bush's second inauguration will cost tens of millions of dollars — $40 million alone in private donations for the balls, parade and other invitation-only parties. With that kind of money, what could you buy?

  • 200 armored Humvees with the best armor for troops in Iraq.
  • Vaccinations and preventive health care for 22 million children in regions devastated by the tsunami.
  • A down payment on the nation's deficit, which hit a record-breaking $412 billion last year.
  • Two years' salary for the Mets' new center fielder Carlos Beltran, or all of pitcher Randy Johnson's contract extension with the New York Yankees.

What was it I was saying earlier about common sense? Nevermind, it doesn't apply to this administration and issues like war, spending, civil liberties and base level truth. The ACLU has a petition I reccommend signing before the inauguration. Perfect segue into the current state of Social Security and Bush's latest brainfart.

Bush Will 'Lead' Drive For Changes to Social Security
In Interview, President Sees Aggressive Push for Revamp, Defends Stance on Mideast
Source: Wall Street Journal [Link]

mollyivins, a woman I adore, has an excellent piece in response to this and other issues that was posted on Wired [link], it is an outstanding read. I found another great story appeared on The Daily Howler and a piece in the NY Times in the same search. It was also reported, along with a bit about the Patriot Act on

And that's news and opinions from me for this week.

Love and bunnehs,
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