Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Evidently my political/news posts are both a bore and an irritation.

I need to address something. I was informed by someone (in a random IM I got late last night) who reads my LJ but wouldn't reveal themselves by username that my enjoyment levels here on LJ are down. It could have been anyone, I won't even speculate. I could have saved the IM and reposted it if I were to take myself that seriously and as a result default to pathetic. Let me just say that I'm sure there are scores of people who don't like me, but I don't waste a microsecond on worrying about that bullshit. To waste my time and energy concerning myself with people who may dislike me takes energy away from those that deserve my time and energy. No one has to like me, so fair enough. Apparently my political posting is annoying and ridiculous to many, many people that read my journal, and I need not continue with it. It was relayed to me that several of these people (apparently even some of whom I am friends with) don't appreciate my view on politics and the like...

I could easily make the remainder of this post a fuck-you manifesto that would be so completely vile and contemptible you'd have to stop eighteen times in the first motherfucking paragraph to wipe the venom off your goddamned monitor. I could post an open poll asking anyone who reads this whether or not they like me, what I have to say, or what my opinions are. I could take this to heart and get bent out of shape at the idea that somehow any of this matters in the least, make every post I have ever made a protected entry and go friends only. I could do any number of things to let this get under my skin. Or I can continue being myself, because MOTHERFUCK YOU. Who can guess what I choose?

I woke up with the solemn theme to American Beauty [4.25MB] playing in my head, resulting in my quickness to get up and have coffee early in a quiet kitchen and look out the window to see what strange thing the clouds might be doing today. I fired up the computer and started my playist that has it on there, along with a lot of other accompanying music in a similar vein. It has kind of set my mood, really. I'm very apathetic today, and I have no cause for it. Tonight begins the new workout, and likely my resumption into teaching yoga. I've missed yoga, I'm actually eager to start it back. We'll see about the workout.

I've been doing really well with staying under budget for groceries and still producing fantastic meals. This week alone I managed to skim the grocery budget of almost $40.00. The night before last I made a tropical feast: Hawaiian chicken with peppers, sweet Maui onions, pineapple, and water chestnuts, Cuban style black beans with saffron rice, and an Island salad of cucumbers & tomatoes dressed with a thyme and red wine vinaigrette. Last night I made a Blue Caesar salad, Penne with fresh Pesto sauce, sundried tomatoes and artichokes, and a loaf of French bread with herbed olive oil for ripping and dipping. Tonight I'm making vegetable soup (Cole's favorite) and baking some of my now famous rosemary, Roma tomato, & parmesan focaccia to go along with it. Tomorrow is the Cole-inspired meal of turkey sloppy joes with tater tots and green beans, which reminds me of being in my grade school cafeteria all over again. That place rocked balls, I'm not kidding. They used to make a deep dish pizza with a homeade crust that resembled and tasted a lot like Chicago deep dish.

I might post later after I get some stuff done around the house. Probably political, probably news. Definitely not a meme. Maybe a funny. My journal, my choice. Don't like it, don't read it.
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