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If there is truth to this and it happens, I just might wet myself. I ran across this other story last night about a feud between Bill O'Reilly & George Clooney, which just goes to show you what a fucking idiot O'Reilly is and just how devoid of a heart these neocon fucks are. Not that any of the others I suspect are carrying a valid pulse, but there you are. Conversely, I think that paleocon loosely translates to "I hates me some Jews and Negroes", and insofar as having a pulse, I would imagine that for this breed a pacemaker would be in order. One could also argue that for a better and more definitive view of what constitutes a paleoconservative, you need not look any further than the loudmouth himself, Pat Buchanan. Let him tell you in his own words what they're all about. And don't say I didn't warn you.

This is another thing I don't get, the story that broke this morning about the Inaugural parade and a cross ban lawsuit being threatened for the fundamentalists in the inaugural parade. Of COURSE the cross is a weapon, it is possibly the most famous murder weapon ever - if even on nothing more than a mythological level. I mean really, where's the surprise here? I've always thought of crucifixes as rather bizarre jewelry anyway. I mean, imagine if I were to wear a pendant in the likeness of Jeff Buckley's dead body on a riverbank. The mere thought of it sends my inner Creep-O-Meter into redline.

In Houston, the bible was ordered removed from courthouse display. All I can say about the ensuing hoopla is this - were the existing bible in this monument replaced overnight with the Quran, every single Christian bitching right now about this case would be considerably louder. That's the thing about fundies, it's like trying to argue logic and reason (nay, sobriety) with an alcoholic.

This jewel from this morning's NY Times: As U.S. Aids Tsunami Victims, Bush Urges Donors Not to 'Shortchange' Other Parts of World. Imagine a scenario like this:
Karl Rove: "You know sir, it would be a great thing if you pushed for more money to aid the tsunami victims, and here's why..."
Dubya: ::blink::
Karl Rove: Well sir, there are lots of Muslims in the countries that were inconvenienced by the tsunami, and it might get you back into good favor with a lot of Muslim nations if you were to don your special humanitarian cape. Not that everyone out there doesn't already love and adore you, especially me, but you know what I mean...
Dubya: Whatever Karl, stop asking me to cuddle with you after sex...

And speaking of the Shrub, I found this story this morning in the Washington Post: U.S. Tells D.C. to Pay Inaugural Expenses. Anyone? Anyone? Also: In GOP, Resistance On Social Security. There's a great opening line that made me choke on my coffee, the stunning "Many Republicans are expressing reservations about the political wisdom of President Bush's vision for restructuring Social Security, as the White House today intensifies its campaign to restructure the entitlement program for the retired and disabled." First of all, you cannot use words like "wisdom" and "President Bush" together in describing what would happen with this alleged SSI overhaul. To make it simple, Bush (or should I say Karen Hughes, Karl Rove, Condi Rice, and a select few others) played pied piper to the older sect of this country that receives SSI benefits - to get himself reelected. Now he wants to take money out of their mouths and out of their medical allotment to cover the debts he's recklessly incurred in his FIRST administration.

At least people like Oral Roberts, Robert Tilton, and Benny Hinn have the balls to tell you to your face that they're ripping you off in the name of God.

In other news, Happy Birthday to icemeltz4u - have a swank day, sir!
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