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This morning I'm in the studio when the lady who works upstairs in the other station came in and greeted me in her usual warm and welcoming way. She was in a rush to get upstairs and so our usual small talk was cut to a minimum. I went upstairs a few moments after she went up to take her today's newspaper, and told her that if she wanted to call me here in the mornings that we both work to let me know she's on her way in that I'd start a pot of coffee for her. She seemed really surprised, like random kindnesses and courtesies were things of fiction and were not someone's reality somewhere.

This is why I do things like that as often as I can. Because no one expects people to be nice anymore. People are so wrapped up in negativity and how ruthless EVERYONE is that when they see me coming along they're like "WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH YOU? STOP SMILING AT ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE I AM FORCED TO SMILE BACK!"

Trust me though - my inner cynic also wants the satisfaction of being genuinely thoughtful to the Grinches of the world so that they can feel like a big asshole for being so nasty in the first place when I take their bullshit and continue smiling as if I took no notice. This is the beauty of being observant - I know when you're lying to my face but won't let on that I know. It's only a lesson learned when you bust yourself, and besides - if I called everyone out for being a liar without letting them make a spectacular ass of themselves, where's the fun in that for me? One word.... "Vindication". It's not hard to confirm your suspicions about someone who's been lying to you. One of the first tip offs is when they jump on the semantics train. All you have to do is pay attention in some cases, and not pay attention to what people are saying necessarily, but what they are NOT saying in that conversation.

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