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What a fucked-up day this is turning out to be.

A friend of michaelnolan's dies unexpectedly.

I'm already overwhelmed with the news that 116,000 people are dead from the tsunami in southern Asia, at least 1/3 of which were children. That number will climb steadily as more are found, disease outbreaks start happening, plus the lack of food, water, and medical relief. Then the fact that about 80 - 90% of the economy for these impoverished areas comes from the fishing industry, which was obliterated when the boats were destroyed in the tsunamis.

I have managed to lose a $30 gift card along with a picture that meant a lot to me that D and I got for Giftmas, and it's really pissing me off in a ginormous way.

xtex. Yeah. I get to talk to him precious little as it is. Fucking pisses me off that a few cunts can be so vicious and relentless that they can ruin something for someone as great as he is. Oh well, LULZ, right? Fucking wretched cunts, the lot of you. I'm throwing a party as soon as these motherfuckers get what's coming to them, I fucking swear it. I have NO problem revelling in someone's misery when they've actually earned it. Nothing Justin could have ever done wrong in his entire lifetime would have warranted the treatment he's gotten from certain LJers. And he's never done wrong by anyone in the two years I've knowen him IRL, let alone on LJ. That just confounds all of this.

What next, since I'm already on the defensive and in an extremely foul mood now that this entire motherfucking day is shot to hell?
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