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"He put that bottle to his head and pulled the trigger..."

After careful consideration of my life and all of it's contributing stresses in general, I hereby conclude that there are only two things I want for my birthday. One is sushi. The other is a serious reality break, in a place that is peaceful, quiet, and free of any strife. Neither of them, as you will notice, is a birthday party of any sort. I simply don't have the energy this year is all, no more no less.

Shopping in Atlanta today was fun, save for the two accidents we witnessed and the nightmare traffic jams that made me once again grateful I no longer live in that town. I brought home a pound of my most favorite Caribou Coffee, the Daybreak Morning Blend. I'm going to try to sleep late and have already set the coffepot for when I drag my half dead, headachey-from-the-wine self to the kitchen. One flick of the switch, three minutes to pee while my coffee brews, and then I get to enjoy an hour or two of quiet time where there (hopefully) will be no chatter, no noise, and no small people asking me for breakfast as they are spending the night with Grandmommy & Grandpa. Just calm down time with some kick ass coffee. It doesn't really take much to please me.

Alrighty, I've stayed up long enough to drink two huge tumblers of water before brushing my teeth in an effort to stave off a hangover. Now that I'm done, it is time for sleep.
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