Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Call to prosecute over 'gay Jesus'
Source: CNN [Link]

First of all, this whole notion is rigoddamndiculous. There is no way Jesus was gay. We would never wear a belt with sandals, HELLO... Amusing story, though.

Marine 'hostage' charged with desertion
Source: CNN [Link]

Whatever, I think he's hot. Like whoa. Really. Granted, he doesn't photograph well under the circumstances, but still... RAWR! And in dressed in fatigues, on the top of it...

Bulletin: Terrorists may blind pilots with "lasers"
Source: CNN [Link]

You know wot, I've been an evil frickin' terrorist for 30 frickin' years, okeyyy? Cut me some... frickin' slack...

Halliburton's Iraq work exceeds $10B
Source: CNN Money [Link]

No comment...

Gay Activists Refuse to Bargain Away Rights
Source: Washington Post [Link]

Dozens Tell Lawmakers They're Against Any Plan to Pull Back From Fight for Equality

Canada to Move on Gay Marriage After Court Ruling
Source: Reuters [Link]

"The government believes that uniformity is absolutely essential, since we don't want the balkanization of marriage in this country," Martin told reporters. "I do not believe you can have two classes of citizens."

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