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When I was younger, I had a habit of reading the dictionary. I have had a lifelong fixation words, and the dictionary was always interesting reading for me. I also used to mark the words I would look up in red ink. Years later, I saw what would become one of my favorite movies ever, Say Anything. In one scene, John Cusack is looking through Ione Skye's dictionary and she relates a similar story. I think in part that is why that movie is so precious to me, but mostly it is because I think Lloyd Dobler is possibly the most ideally romantic character ever conceived in my lifetime. For years after my main goal in life was to be him, to be as thoughtful and kind as him.

I have the feed of the dictionary_wotd added to my friends list, and the point of this post is to recommend it to you all in case you haven't added it yet, which you can do by clicking here: .

Here are the
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* The first Word of the Day was on May 3, 1999.

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