Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Nothing like the gift of clarity...

photawl: I'm down to one cigarette a night..
EJ the DJ107: excellent
photawl: And did I ever mention that I hate drama?
EJ the DJ107: yes - and likewise, i do as well
photawl: Everyone seems to want me and Mandy apart.. We have a few friends that are fighting for us, but there are alot of ppl who
photawl: don't like it
EJ the DJ107: look, man - FUCK those people, the stupidest thing either of you could do is let other people have a say so in this relationship
EJ the DJ107: or to give them any energy
EJ the DJ107: any energy you give them takes away from her, remember that
EJ the DJ107: it's you and her, not you, her, and them
photawl: That makes sense, actually..
photawl: It's good to have ppl to talk to
photawl: That aren't involved
EJ the DJ107: I know what I'm talking about here
photawl: I dropped it, but some of them continue to bring things up
photawl: Makes it hard
EJ the DJ107: so - let them, eventually it'll burn itself out with no help from you
EJ the DJ107: giving it your energy is pretty immature when you get down to it
EJ the DJ107: it comes down to a simple question, really...
photawl: But it's like I told Mandy.. We have something special, and I REFUSE to let someone take it..
EJ the DJ107: are you man enough to rise above and do your thing, or does it have to be about other people
EJ the DJ107: make a choice and stick to it
EJ the DJ107: stand your ground, look at them, shake your head, laugh it off, and walk away with her hand in yours
EJ the DJ107: it's nothing but a mattter of will
EJ the DJ107: besides - if any of those people cared thing 1 about you OR her, they'd be more careful with your feelings
EJ the DJ107: so clearly they don't matter
EJ the DJ107: and if they don't matter, why the FUCK are you sweating them?
photawl: You're right
EJ the DJ107: it's not about me being right though, john - it's just the truth
photawl: You're absolutely FUCKING right
EJ the DJ107: fuck 'em - fuck 'em in the ear, what the hell do they know?
photawl: Yeah
EJ the DJ107: are any of THEM really happy?
EJ the DJ107: do any of THEM have the answers?
EJ the DJ107: or anything for themselves?
EJ the DJ107: probably not - so they don't matter
EJ the DJ107: they're pathetic little instigators
EJ the DJ107: fuck 'em
photawl: Rock on, brother
EJ the DJ107: can i get a hallelujah?
EJ the DJ107: ::waves hands in the air::
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