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"I remember when I was young, feeling sick on Sunday morning..."

In part of my ongoing series of antirepublican policy posts and abject hatred of most things associated with the grand ole party (reference my post entitled "Because I've EARNED my right to speak, that's why" [link]) & similar abject stupidity, I bring you this gem relating to an earlier post [link] that I read this morning:

Waxman report: Abstinence courses flawed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federally funded abstinence education programs that are used in 25 states contain false and misleading information about contraception, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases, said Rep. Henry Waxman.

Also, there were these pieces that made me shake my head as well:

School: Gays need permission slips for dances

WEST JORDAN, Utah (AP) -- A principal who wants gay couples to get permission slips from their parents before they can attend school dances promised to re-evaluate the policy after protesters held four days of protests.

Beautiful, Utah is going to play Torquemada in the New & Improved Gay Inquisition.

Bush Pressuring G.O.P. to Approve Intelligence Bill
[New York Times/Reuters]

President Bush sought to stem a near-rebellion by members of his own party in Congress yesterday by describing a sweeping intelligence-overhaul bill they oppose as an effort "to do everything necessary to confront and defeat the terrorist threat" and calling for its passage during a brief Congressional session this week.

<-- insert obligatory joke about the ridiculousness of using "Bush" & "Intelligence" in the same sentence --> As if this weren't enough, I took a screen shot of this page as I saw it, just in case the advertisement on the right side of the page changed by the time anyone else read this. I didn't Photoshop this, I swear - you've got to see it to believe it, though. [screen shot]

Writing on the Rightness of Sex-Ed Changes
Curriculum Prompts Hundreds To Protest or Voice Support
[Washington Post]

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