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Jerry Falwell On Choosing To Be Heterosexual - or "Rabble, Rabble Rabble"</font>
Source: Hardball with Chris Matthews


MATTHEWS: What do you think of this ad, this UCC ad, That showed these bouncers keeping people who were apparently a gay couple and some people who were African-American from coming in the church? Should the networks have run that?


FALWELL: I think networks should have run it. I have no problem with the ad.

The United Church of Christ had a dual purpose. One was a positive one. Everybody is welcome. Every church should say that. Two, apparently, they are trying to say there are churches out there that everybody can‘t get in.


FALWELL: And I think they even have a subtler message. They‘re saying that the African-American, the Hispanic, the handicapped and then the gay couple or all four bona fide minorities. I would disagree.

The two ethnic persons are as God made them, as I am Caucasian.


FALWELL: The handicap person, behind his power, his handicap.


FALWELL: And the gay couple. They chose to marry each other.

MATTHEWS: How did they get to be gay, though?

FALWELL: Well, we probably differ there.

MATTHEWS: I‘m asking.

FALWELL: But I think all behavior is chosen.

MATTHEWS: I‘m open. I don‘t know.

FALWELL: I think that...

MATTHEWS: Did you choose to be heterosexual?


MATTHEWS: You chose it? You thought about it and you came up with that solution? That lifestyle?


FALWELL: Put it this way. I was taught as a child that‘s the right way to...

MATTHEWS: But did you feel an attraction toward women?

FALWELL: Oh, of course.

MATTHEWS: When people are born and they find themselves having an attraction to somebody from the same sex, do you think that‘s a choice?

FALWELL: I think you can experiment with any kind of perversity and develop an appetite for it, just like you can food.

MATTHEWS: You don‘t think it‘s nature? You think it‘s nurture.

FALWELL: I don‘t think any—I don‘t think anybody is born a bank robber or born a hostile left-winger or a hostile right-winger or gay or a promiscuous heterosexual.

I think there comes a time in childhood where environment may be a part of it, whatever, teaching, instruction, one chooses, I will do this or that. And that‘s why good, godly parenting...


MATTHEWS: How old were you when you chose to be heterosexual?

FALWELL: Oh, I don‘t remember that.

MATTHEWS: Well, you must, because you say it‘s a big decision.

FALWELL: Well, I started dating when I was about 13.

MATTHEWS: And you had to decide between boys and girls. And you chose girls.

FALWELL: I never had to decide. I never thought about it.


MATTHEWS: I think it‘s a ridiculous proposition that you actually sit down and decide. Let me see, boy or girl this week. Anyway...

FALWELL: I don‘t think anybody does that.

MATTHEWS: But let me ask you about this ad again. Do you worry that the networks are exercising a kind of reverse sort of liberal censorship, saying we are afraid that the conservatives will be mad at us?

FALWELL: I think it‘s a corny ad. I think it‘s a corny ad.

MATTHEWS: Right. Well, that‘s a good word for it.

FALWELL: Because, really, it‘s a left-wing slap at a lot of churches.

And I don‘t know where those churches are.


FALWELL: I don‘t know where I can walk up and I can get in.

MATTHEWS: What do you think of John Danforth as a member of the Supreme Court, if he gets nominated, should he be? He just stepped as the U.N. ambassador.


FALWELL: Because he‘s pro-choice—he is a great man. He‘s had an illustrious career. But because he is pro-choice, I would object to it.

MATTHEWS: OK, thank you very much for joining us.

FALWELL: Thank you.

MATTHEWS: Thanks for fighting the traffic, Reverend Jerry Falwell.

Oh, but I hate him. My abject hatred of Jerry Falwell runs tantamount to my unrelenting hatred of Ann Coulter. I think I need to make an Ann icon.

Pretty productive day all in all, the Ballistic Princess was feeling better after a week + of being ill (in more ways than one) - but evidently that's been a trend here lately.

I'm hiding out in my room because I cannot afford to have one more person, grown or not, piss me off or otherwise irritate me for the remainder of this evening. My normal inexhaustable reserves of patience I'm having to ration out, and I'm dangerously close to spitting bile directly at people if they're not careful. I can only stand so much bullshit being thrown at me before I forfeit the freebies and start getting nasty, in a "to HELL with sparing YOUR feelings anymore, fucker" kind of way. I think that is part of my 2,476,028 problems, I spend so much of my time letting things go because most often it's just not worth giving the energy to, and I come from a very you "have to pick your battles wisely" background. It's just that sometimes I realize how much I do let go of, how many concessions I make for so many different people, and as soon as I come to this realization I become very resentful. Spiteful, even. At least I've grown away from deliberately trying to pick fights, though that urge is still there sometimes.

Alright, I'm off to help albumlady establish a MP3 archive, beginning with Jeff Buckley, Jennifer Nettles, Angie Aparo, Joni Mitchell, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Peter Gabriel, Sara Evans, Coldplay, Duncan Sheik, Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil, Toad The Wet Sprocket, and Tori Amos.

I'll be up for a bit, if you're on AIM I'm JudeBennett32...

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