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Two years...

I was thinking. The 2nd anniversary of Shane's death is June 30th, and that day falls on a Sunday. I was thinking that since Jennie will be in town and since that is going to be an especially difficult day for me that I would like to have a picnic that evening at Flat Rock Park, in the spot where we held his memorial service. Just have people get together there with something to eat for themselves and a quilt or blanket to lie on. Anyone interested in coming and helping me to get through that day without being a complete wreck? Also, I'd very much like to get there early and send some time picking up trash, limbs - etc. from the park & putting them where they belong. Shane loved that place, I'd like to honor his memory this way.

Then I started making dinner for the family a little while ago and decided I needed to devote at least one entry to explaining food and such.

Food, much like my music, is one of the most important things in my life. I love cooking - always have - and few things please me more than a Sunday when everyone gets together and sits down at the dining room table for a big Sunday Dinner. In the past, these amazing people I have come to love as family have always looked forward to Sundays for dinner. It was one of the only days throughout the week when we could actually all be together and spend some time as a family. We would get together one week at Shane & Maggie's house and then one week at my house in Lakebottom.

Where did two years go? This past year has just gone by like water in a stream.

I was telling Damien that I don't really like eating out in restaurants, but I'm all about getting take out and going somewhere else to have dinner. I have a few places that are my favorites. One is the observation deck at the airport, where you can watch the planes fly in and out; the Riverwalk; Downtown Promenade; any good playground that has swings; there are a few others but my mind is a blank.

Just in case you're wondering, Damien and I are seeing each other, but we are not putting a label/title on the extent of the involvement. All good things in good time. He's very interesting, very cute, and I'm enjoying getting to know him better. Soon you'll all get the chance to meet him - for now I'm not sharing.

I love and miss you Shane Allen Stephens - and I'm keeping my promise to you. He's getting so big...
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