Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Good Morning, All!

Today, for the first time in a couple of weeks, I woke up very happy. I'm cooking for about 25 people today, I've just finished my coffee while the house is still sleeping, and I'm about to get started on the things I haven't finished yet.

I'm roasting two turkeys today (I did four last year ;O}). They have been soaking since breakfast yesterday in a well seasoned brine I made yesterday morning, and will be slathered in the spicy fresh herb butter I made three days ago, and stuffed with bunches of fresh thyme, sage, & rosemary, then celery, onion, garlic cloves, half a Granny Smith apple, and roasted at 500° for 30 minutes. Then I'm taking them out and turning the heat down to 350° for the final roast. Instead of covering the breast with aluminum foil like most people do, I cover it with slices of thick peppered bacon. It gives it a better flavor and assists in browning. Back in the oven until the internal temperature registers 165°, then it rests covered for 15 minutes while the temp raises to an even 170°+.

I baked all the cornbread for dressing yesterday, crumbled and seasoned it, and threw in some sauteed onion and celery. Same with the croutons for the bread stuffing. I boiled the eggs for Maggie to make devilled eggs with, I made a dark roux for the gallon of gravy I'll be making later. I'm assembling the pear salad an hour before dinner, reheating the corn and green beans, browning the rolls, and Maggie will finish the stuffing/dressing after the turkeys.

daisy_down is making sweet potato soufflé and mashed potatoes. Shannon & Mac are bringing spinach caserole, & a salad I love that we call "Old Lady Salad", Amy & James are bring the broccoli salad, Oma is bringing squash casserole & a few desserts, and thedigitalghost is baking a ham and bringing it along with two pumpkin pies and his now-infamous-at-Thanksgiving chocolate raspberry cheesecake which Mac is NOT allowed to touch after the cheesecake fiasco of Thanksgiving '02.

I'm very grateful that I can do all of this for my family and friends. Doing this makes me feel very centered and happy. I have so much to be thankful for, I have tons of love to give and tons provided for me.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.
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