Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

And so it goes...

My murderous, incendiary hatred of people right now combined with my complete and virulent loathing of society in general, and all of that compounded by my seething anger that I ever once gave a microscopic fuck about certain people has put me in a very strange place.

Consider that I don't hate, yet I'm burning with it right now. Under normal circumstances, I'd probably be reevaluating myself about now and figuring out what would make me feel better - but right now I don't even care. My mouth tastes metallic, like I'm tasting the iron in my blood or something. Very similar to the taste of fear.

You're a miserable, worthless piece of shit and you deserve every wretched, unspeakable thing that is coming to you - and it's all coming to you. I want to see you fall so bad that my dick is hard just thinking about it.

You know who you fucking are.

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