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Weekend post

So the Sugarland show got postponed until Jennifer is well and able to sing again. Don't worry koaloha, I'm still going to keep my promise - we just have to wait a little bit longer. It was a let down that Jenn was sick, but it also meant that I got to spend a lot of personal time with michaelnolan and mynameisbessie. We acted like fools quite a lot, which was nice considering I do take myself a bit too seriously a lot of the time. I leave that to the fact that I have to maintain a certain duality between my seriousness and my ridiculousness for the sake of these kids and my own sanity. They both loved the kids, which was great. They interacted a lot with Avery, who warmed up to them both rather quickly.

We spent Friday evening here at home just kicking back and being together, it was odd in that it felt like something I do all of the time with the both of them. In fact, as soon as they knocked on the door and I ran out to hug the both of them, I felt like they were coming home instead of coming to visit. It felt very intimate and yet very casual and unanticipated at the same time, having them here. It was just so... normal. It reaffirmed what I already believe about the reasons why you gravitate to certain people initially, and why I don't believe in accidents. Poor D got very ill overnight, so he was absent (only physically, I take him with me no matter where I go - except the bathroom) from this excursion to take it easy at home and refurbish himself. You're gonna LOVE some of these pictures, sweetie - I took several of them for you.

Behind the cut are some photos I took yesterday of both of them and some shots of the locations that had perfect lighting. These pictures were very unpretentious, not a lot of thought went into them. I'm not going to explain anything about them, except for the one that needed it.

For those of you that don't know already, the above picture represents for me the best of Michael. I wanted very much to get the best of his essence in a picture, and I think this one justifies him pretty well. He didn't know I was taking this picture. The light fell across his face almost imperceptibly, and you can tell from his posturing and his facial expression that he's very methodical and thoughtful in executing his vision. It's all a matter of perspective if you're a visionary. There is always something he can see that no one else can, and all he really wants is to point it out to you the way he sees it, to share it with anyone who wants to see.



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