Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Down In Sugarland...

I gave my layout a new facelift, just because I get bored of things quickly. I'm eventually going to add sidebars to this thing, or shift it all over and have a big sidebar on one side and the rest for the journal, I just don't want it to look too busy is all. I have yet to really decide. Either way, it's a work in progress.

Today I'm going to finish cleaning things up a bit, the house isn't really all that messy but I want to get it cleaned up before 10:00AM so I can get office work finished for the day. michaelnolan & mynameisbessie will be here around 1 or so, and we're all hanging out here until everyone else gets off work. Tonight is Dale's birthday dinner and the Sugarland show, I'm very excited for all of my friends who have never seen them before and even more excited to be introducing several of them to Jenn.

I'm about to turn some music on while Avery is watching her cartoons and get busy cleaning. Coffee has kicked in, I slept really well last night, and I'm ready to get moving.
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