Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

New and re-reimproved!

This is my current userinfo, I overhauled it this morning in my slightly hungover stupor.

Welcome to my journal.
This is my space, you may
or may not like it and I'm fine either way.
This is my repository for my memories, thoughts, feelings,
opinions, and babble.   Some of it is bound to offend,
but you're reading of your own volition - so suck it up
or fuck right off.    I don't care who reads, just know
that if you add me I may or may not add you back.

Yes, I work for lj_abuse.
If you want to report abuse, click here.
You will not curry any favor with lj_abuse by friending
me, by commenting in my journal, or
by emailing me about anything Abuse related, so
don't bother wasting the time.

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Last night was MUCH fun, we all got drunk on an assortment of alcoholic beverages and 110 jello shots (I kid you not, 110 - and all were consumed), ate until we could stand no more, played countless games of pool, and sang along to loud country music. More about those jello shots. The raspberry ones were made with rum, the orange ones with vodka, and the black cheery ones with Crown Royal. Those were the best, and I normally hate cherry flavored stuff. Great party, Shannon!
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