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By the time I got out of the station last night, I was pretty much knackered. I'm usually there in the quiet, being that I despise the music that Garrabedian plays for the show and I keep the level WAY low in the booth. I had a slew of visitors though, and that was cool. I finally got to meet Renea's former best friend Ryan, and he proved to be pretty much what she described; a gay bar fixture just waiting to happen, like the party favor that gets left in the bowl on the table. There is no need to wonder why she chooses to wash him off like a stubborn label. Boring...

He decided that he was lacking the energy it took to come into town, and was revelling in being lazy. Last night was the first night since Halloween that we weren't together for a good part of the day every day, and I got to reflect on what has transpired thus far. I also got to bed on time and slept very well. This was much needed, for the both of us. Trust me, if we HAD been together then very little sleep would have been had. There's barely enough time to talk, stare at each other, kiss, snuggle, and generally celebrate each other as it is!

By the way, the intimacies exchanged and shared to this point are far beyond anything I've experienced before, I can honestly say that. It is not sex, it is something altogether different. With sex, one can be completely removed and detatched. With him, this is not within the realm of possibilities. I'm acutely aware of him anywhere near me, and in those moments, my heart races and I hear the thunder of my own blood rocketing in my ears.

Being with him is, without forethought, the right thing for me to be doing right now. He feels like the bed I slept in as a child, the treehouse my father built for me and even served me breakfast in when I was a boy, the first time I made my bike go all by myself when no one was holding it up for me, he just feels like what I remember home feeling like.
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