Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I can't help myself!

In an effort to counter the "Rock The Vote" movement, Evangelical Christians are "Redeeming The Vote". There's a story about it on MSNBC that actually says the following:

"It's the antithesis of Rock the Vote," says Randy Brinson, who founded Redeem the Vote. "We're trying to do something just as hip and entertaining and just as well done in terms of quality. But without being too risque, without the sexual innuendo."

Roy flirts with the crowd, then steps back and flashes his Donny Osmond smile. And when he sings "I don't mean to be so cold. My words have cut you to the bone. But my heart still longs for you alone," he's not talking about a depressed ex-girlfriend with stalker-ish tendencies but about ...

"His Majesty. King of Kings, my rock, my salvation, Jeee-heee-sus." And that's when the girls really melt."

Yeah, baby. HOT.

I laughed when I read this, because it reminded me of last night when M&N were watching TV and called me in to watch Benny Hinn faith healing in some arena of really sad people, who totally buy into this shit like it's real. That stuff always makes my blood boil, but then they changed channels and the commercial for "Songs-4-Life" came on, which plays clips of cornier-than-thou Xtian "rock" music and shows clips of hundreds of tear-stained faces, eyes closed, palms outstretched skyward in some arena of really sad people, who totally buy into this shit like it's real. Remember how I said earlier that I cannot watch karaoke and American Idol auditions because it is painful for me to be embarrassed for these people? Same principal here. I end up laughing, and that's just wrong.
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