Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

::struts like a pimp::


I'm touched that you dedicated a large part of your entry to our day together. I must say that I enjoyed it as well. I also enjoyed reading your account of the day. Didn't realize the BAM thing was a ploy to spend more time. In fact, I almost thought my shyness had bored you to the point of tears and you were just being polite. I'm glad that's not the case. Thanks for introducing me to 6 Feet Under. I enjoyed the show, and think I will want to see it regularly from now on. Just have to get HBO first. hee hee.

So I have my hook in you huh? I wonder if that's a good thing... Let's hang out again in the near future and find out.... what do you say?

Anxiously Yours,


...::struts some more::...
Tags: damien
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