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Well Well Well!!!

Just when you think the entire world is conspiring against you, you catch a light breeze that cools you down and sets you at peace. This is always something to be grateful for, as it reminds you how ridiculous it is to take yourself too seriously.


I have been conversing online with Damien since Saturday afternoon, and decided that he sounded appealing to my sensitiviies in light of the fact that he was both open about his sexuality and also an atheist. I wanted to meet him, so I invited him to go walking with me Sunday afternoon at Lakebottom. He came to the station and we went walking for about an hour and a half or so, at which time I monopolized a large part of the conversation because he's got this strange (yet completely cute) shyness thing about talking initially. It left me wondering what it must be like to be shy, I have to admit. After walking we sat down on the bleachers by the tennis courts and talked for a while - about friends, family, food, randomness - and then went to Books A Million as I wanted an Italian Soda. Actually, that was just a ploy to see if I could get him to spend some more time with me. We stayed there for about 30-45 minutes, and explained to him Nick Bantock's "The Gryphon" and read excerpts from "The Onion".

He came over last night to watch Six Feet Under and Queer As Folk with me, and we sat on the couch where I tried to initialize a little making out - but I didn't want to ruin the entire experience with a first kiss that wasn't ready to come yet. Besides, I think it's much better a notion to wait for the first one than to rush it before it's time. Well, that AND the fact that I was nervous about my breath. I have this wierd fear of ever having bad breath at an inopportune moment, which partly explains why I brush my teeth like 5-8 times a day.

I'm telling you, man - there's something about this one that's got a serious hook in me. I have no desire to rush anything. I dreamt last night that he and I were spooning - I woke up this morning molesting one of my pillows. (It smiled and thanked me)...

It was all perfectly innocent, even though I did keep my hand on either his inner thigh or his cute little butt for the majority of the evening. That's something I cannot help, I have a thing about physical contact with people I'm interested in. Well, that and the fact that I'm a leg and ass man. That's something bequeathed to me from my father - he's the same way. He even told me that once - I was checking some guy out at the marina when we were gassing up the speedboat and he caught me and started laughing. I asked him what the hell he was laughing about, thinking I had a boogey hanging from my nose or something. He just said "Busted - I saw that." I asked him what the hell he was talking about, being that I had no idea - and he explained that "a nice butt and a good pair of legs all but demand that you pay attention and look."

Did I mention that the boy has an ass that could possibly make me believe in God? Well - not THAT extreme, but I could question miracles right about now... ::gives that "Mischeivous/I'm up to no good" grin::
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