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Ballistic Princess is 0 for 2 this morning... Apparently she picks today to be demon spawn of Satan!!!

I will fight with this child no longer, do you hear me? She's in her room at the moment screaming and crying at me in some form of 2 year old "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HOPE YOU DIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE" jibber jabber, all because I am having to wash the blanket she pissed all over and turned the TV off so she would have to play or do something constructive. So of course, being the complete drama queen she is, she goes into a full out meltdown.

It is also a REALLY bad potty training day, as she has apparently gone on potty strike. I've had to completely change her clothes twice now, and have had to get the pee stains off the couch. I am fully aware that crying and screaming and pitching a hissy fit is her only way at the age of 2 1/2 to express anger and disappointment, but there is only so much I will take before I have to send her to her room to cry, explaining that when she's ready to talk like a big girl she can come out and play.

Twice now I have sent her back to the room, the last time I gave her a drumstick and her drum to bang out her frustrations on. After much pounding from the back of the house, she seems significantly calmer now. Of course, I have just totally hexed myself.

It's getting way too quiet. She's back there right now plotting to kill me, I just know it.
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