Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Uncle Frank needs YOU!

There are a number of volunteer opportunities for getting involved with LiveJournal, and all of them perpetually need new volunteers. You don't need to be a LiveJournal guru to volunteer in any of them, either. Please read over this post and see if any of the volunteer jobs strike your fancy, and if they do, follow the links to learn more!

Description: Respond to users' support inquiries.
Requirements: Familiarity with how LiveJournal works from a user's perspective. Basic grammar and spelling skills. Willingness to incorporate feedback from more experienced volunteers.
Community: lj_support
More information: learn_support and the Support Guide

Description: Translate LiveJournal into other languages.
Requirements: Fluency in another language.
Community: lj_translate
More Information: List of translations

Description: Userdoc volunteers make suggestions to improve LiveJournal's FAQ system, both by writing new FAQs and suggesting updates to existing FAQs.
Requirements: Basic grammar and spelling skills. Familiarity with how LiveJournal works from a user's perspective.
Community: lj_userdoc

Description: Create or edit userpics for other users.
Requirements: Fluency with a particular graphics editing program.
Community: userpics
More Information: The userpic team application process can be found in the userpics userinfo.

Please feel free to pass this post around. If you've got any questions on how best to get started, please feel free to ask the people who are in charge of the area:

Support: rahaeli
Translation: see individual communities for the translation project
Userdoc: rahaeli, jproulx
Userpics: asciident
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