Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

The Wit & Wisdom of Little Avery

Avery: Ewe know what?
Me: What, tell me.
Avery: I wuth ewe so muts (I love you so much)
Me: Thank you, baby - I love you so much too!
Avery: and kith and hug, too! ::gives excited hugs and kisses::
Me: yes, and kiss and hug
Avery: and make aw bettow?
Me: yes, kisses make everything all better
Avery: ::points to sore on knee:: but not dith boo boo, it tiww hut ittuw bit (but not this boo boo, it still hurts a little bit)
Me: Do I need to give that boo boo extra kisses?
Avery: No, duss one (no, just one)
Me: I can't give it two kisses?
Avery: No, ewe keep it fow waytuh, 'cause I need it! (no, you keep it for later because I need it)
Me: Then I will save the other one for later. ::kisses knee::

Avery: I ike Avee huur ewe fickth it (I like Avery's hair how you fixed it)
Me: You do?
Avery: Yeth, I ike piggy tailth and bettes
Me: You like piggy tails and barettes?

Avery: Yeth, and I hungy!
Me: You're hungry?
Avery: Yeth! Avee needth a wunts!
Me: Avery needs lunch?
Avery: Yeth, a mac and teethe wunts!
Me: Mac and cheese? Alright then, can you get it from the pantry for me?
Avery: Yeth, and can I hewp ewe make it?
Me: Yes, of course you can help me make it.
Avery: Okay - I need up!
Me: ::picks her up, places her on countertop::
Avery: now get a cup fwom dat dwoor (now get a cup from that drawer)
Me: Okay, how many do we need?
Avery: Um, two!
Me: Yes! Very good! ::measures out 2/3 cup water, lets her pour it into cup::
Avery: Okay, now I need noonuws (okay, now I need noodles)
Me: ::gives her the noodles, lets her pour them into the cup while counting to five::
Avery: Okay, now I put inna micawave...
Me: ::picks her up, gives her the measuring cup, opens microwave door, lets her place cup inside microwave oven::
Avery: Now cose it (now close it)
Me: ::helps her close door::
Avery: Now pess fuur (now press four) ::presses the number, starts microwave:: Okay, put Avee down, I come back when weady, okay?
Me: Okay, I'll call you when it's ready to eat.
Avery: Okay, tikken! (Okay, thank you!) ::scampers::

Avery: MMMM, dith mac and teethe ith nummy... (this mac & cheese is yummy) ::takes big bite::
Me: Good, I'm glad you like it.
Avery: And take a piture fiff yer camahwa?
Me: You want me to take a picture of your mac and cheese with the camera?
Avery: Yeth, and put it on yer aputter (yes, and put it on your computer)
Me: Okay, I can do that...
Tags: kids
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