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Who do I have to kill and bury to get a decent goddamn night's sleep around here? Fucking hell, man! First it was just the usual insomnia that wouldn't even allow me to lay down until almost 2AM, then it was the evil entity known as Martin the Fat Bastard cat pouncing on my chest an hour later, then it was another evil clown dream that I am thankful I cannot remember. On the top of it, LJ is broken and I cannot IC to claim anything on the board, at least in any way that allows me to work on cases.

I've got dark circles around my eyes as a result of shitty sleep, I look and feel like hell, and worst of all, there's no one here for me to maim. I haven't seen Damien since Monday, and yesterday was -|[THE SUCK]|- in every way that mattered to me.

There. having bitched about the state of affairs I'm currently in, I feel better. Not really, not at all in fact, but it's this thing I do where I say it enough times until I believe it. Kind of a "fake it 'til you make it" sort of thing, only without the annoying guidance counselor overtone. THAT'S who I should maim, my HS guidance counselor. Ms. Beasley, the sharp-faced trout that knew nothing of confidentiality. I got her back by stealing her cigarettes from her office every opportunity I got, and planting them in the instrument cases of band students I hated. Looking back, it was a win-win situation for me.

Wow, I really DO feel better!

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