Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Jesus W. Bush!

So I decide to sit and watch some news when Nathan calls out for me to turn on Foxnews. First thing that runs through my head usually in this case is FUCK Foxnews, so it does. Then I look at the clock and realize that Hannity & Colmes is on. I turn it on. The guest tonight is Ann "Sloth Hands" Coulter, pimping her new book. In the first 5 minute segment she had me rolling laughing twice. First in rebuttal to Alan Colmes' question "How should one talk to a conservative?" with the hysterical retort "We prefer logic and facts..."... ... ... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! SINCE WHEN??? Then she goes on to assert that the President " not God"... which really made me piss myself. If he's not God, then someone should tell him that. And Condi Rice. And Kathy Hughes. And Katherine Harris. And Marilyn Musgrave. And Mike Crotts. Clearly he's not God, unfortunately we CAN prove that Dubya exists.

Let me stop before the big vein in my head pops, that was just too funny not to share.
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