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Meet Stabby, My New Friend

I made a new icon in honor of trolls everywhere. If you like it, take it and use it. As with all of my icons, you don't have to ask for permission or give me credit - I don't care, just pass it on. I give you Stabby The Clown:

Ain't he sweet?

Soon I'll make a Comrade Squealor icon for arie & dubhain, because that was SUCH a good idea.

I posted most of the tutorials I promised in how_2_photoshop, there's another that I need to take screen caps of but I haven't found the pictures I want to use for it just yet.

Went to dinner with some friends last night and then to the movies to see AvP, which I actually enjoyed more than I thought I would given how many people said it sucked. And after seeing the big nut-filled turd that was The Village (note absence of link to that miserable piece of Ann Coulter's shit) I am now going in to all movies a bigger skeptic than I normally am.

I made a huge chicken pot pie for dinner, it was very good with the Pinot Grigio we got the other day on our wine spree. I'm thinking the rain is going to start soon, the outer bands of Frances are under an hour away from us. I'm in the mood for coffee.

I hate being asked stupid questions by seemingly intelligent people.

In conclusion,
Fuck off.

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