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Christ on a flamin' biscuit, it's Friday...

Jeezy Creezy I've been busy today!

By 3:30PM today I have already:

  • edited & uploaded all 89 images for the 16 Photoshop tutorials I am writing for how_2_photoshop, and will be working on those later this evening

  • washed, dried, folded, & put away 2 loads of laundry

  • washed, dried, and put away 2 loads of dishes

  • returned all of the office calls to clients and officeworkers about pending cases

  • called the assigned OHA (Office of Hearings & Appeals) offices to update status on 20+ client claims

  • answered all of my email

  • made a menu for all of the meals I'm cooking next week

  • made Grocery & Walmart shopping lists for the upcoming week

  • given Avery a bath

Come 5:00, I'm having a glass of red wine and congratulating myself on getting so much accomplished when I've been in such a shitty mood. Then I'm going to figure out what Maggie & the kids want to do about dinner.

Speaking of Avery, there is nothing better than having her come up to me out of the clear blue, give me a hug/kiss combo, and tell me that she loves me very much ("I wulla vey muts"), nothing at all.

Sometime Monday, I hear tell, Hurricane Frances is going to come barrelling through town, only by then I expect it's not going to pack quite the punch it would if I live further south. I'm looking forward to a decent storm, though. Damien is on vacation until next Friday, so hopefully he'll have a stellar week.

That is all until I get these tutorials up. Is it 5:00 yet?

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