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All Your Manpons™ Are Belong To Us...

Already today I'm annoyed as fuck, and it's barely 9AM.

Still cannot find the USB cord to my scanner, which I need to use today. I could scan the stuff I need with the laptop, but the problem is that I cannot install the only CD-Writing program I have on the laptop as there is a "known compatibility issue" with the OS. I cannot network the laptop to my computer so I can just create a folder to put the stuff I need in. So essentially I have a scanner on the computer I need to have the images on, but no access to the scanner. I have a better scanner built in to the 3-in-one in the office, but have no way of transferring the images to my computer once they're scanned. Ham, no burger... Peanut butter, no jelly... Kool-Aid, no sugar... Goddamnit.

There's an incident with someone that has frustrated me NO END with how completely baseless their incessant bitching about LiveJournal is, and yet the one thing I want to be able to do - namely to tell them that if you're using a service that is that bad, then fuck off to UJournal - or Greatest Journal - or DeadJournal - or GoFuckYourselfJournal - is the thing I can't do. Not that it would matter in the least, because once you've gotten it into your head that the rules you make up are the right rules, there really ceases to be an effective argument. Still, I fantasize about Sir Fuck Chop doing a headstand on the summit of Mount Twatloaf with a lightning rod shoved up his ass on a seriously stormy day. I suspect this is one of those assholes that bitches incessantly about the horrible service at X restaurant, yet continues to patronize them on a regular basis. Fucking moron. There are always going to be people that make you want to put your own head in a goddamned waffle iron with their stupidity, I accept this and have for a long time - but today was NOT the day for it to just roll off my back like normal. And having stated all of that, I feel better and let that bullshit go. Sometimes that's all you need, apparently!

In general, I'm frustrated and highly aggravated. Yes folks, today is a Metallica/Velvet Acid Christ/Bad Brains kind of day.
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