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I love you. For all of the reasons you think and probably many that never have occurred to you, but mainly for the best reason possible - no reason at all. I've learned a great deal from you in the past two and a half years, and have opened myself in ways I didn't believe possible for a crotchety, grizzled old bastard like myself.

You've brought more peace and good energy to me than I have ever felt worthy of, and taught me how to accept those things. You've given of yourself without having to be asked, you've learned to be patient and speak your mind unabashedly, you've accepted my quirks and insecurities and annoying habits and not made me feel bad for them. You've become my blood as much as my own, and given me a family that I love as much as the one I have worked so hard to create.

Best of all, you've given me the one gift I never thought was meant for me to have; you've given me joy. As I've explained to countless others before; who and what you are has made my loneliness in the world disappear, it has brought me closer to feeling complete and content than I thought imaginable. No matter what bad things get thrown at us, I know there is no step I have to take in this life alone because you're always willing to walk it with me, as I am with you.

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