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This always makes me laugh hysterically, I have to watch it at least four times in a row. It may or may not be work safe, depending on who your employer is. If "The Thong Song" would be construed as offensive, then make sure you turn the volume down completely before you click here. I'll even give you a hint...

Since these made me laugh, I figured I'd let you take a gander at them as well:
Toby Keith: I'm More American Than All You Red Commie Bitches Put Together!! Now get your bitch ass in the kitchen and make me some pie...
Eminem: Boo Yow To The Boo Yow Power!! Naw dog, that's just too many "Boo Yows". Holla...

Also, don't click this link here if you offend easily, particularly those of you who get upset because someone mocks your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I didn't design the damned thing, I just laughed when I saw it. So there.

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