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And I am telling you this story so you are forced to hear me piss and moan...

Wow - 9 AM on a Thursday and I've already had to put the proverbial smack down! The kids were arguing over TV and I reminded Cole (or as I refer to him when he's in a foul mood "The Boy") that there is more than one TV in the house. Drama ensues, my foot comes out of nowhere and SQUASH!! Conflict resolved. Threaten with no TV or computer for the day unless the attitude changes, and you can quickly resolve conflict like that.

Funny how a simple statement like "I'm so sure it's barely even 9AM and already you're giving me attitude - wanna rethink this behavior before you REALLY wind up without priviledges today?" will ellicit commentary from the young-and-disgruntled like "But I never get to watch what I want to watch in the AM, and Mommy's TV doesn't even get MTV Hits!" ::scowl scowl::

"Here's the thing, Cole. You don't HAVE to watch TV at all today, let alone the refried crap that is passed off as music on MTV Hits - and also, you don't HAVE to play on my computer if I decide your behavior doesn't warrant such a priviledge - and even if I took away all of these things and you actually had to play outside, ride your bike, play with the other kids, or even with your toys, you'd STILL have nothing to complain about considering how lucky you are, so knock it off before I call the Waaaaaaaaaambulance."

"Man, this sucks! I NEVER get to do anything I want to do!!" ::piss, moan::

"Sorry, I left my 'Whinese To English' dictionary back in your Pre-K class."

::tries not to laugh as he stomps off scowling::

Oh, it's gonna be a lovely day.
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