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I am so looking foreward to school starting back that I cannot even tell you. Once Cole is back in school, I can have more home time with Avery and can get more done in the way of other stuff, being that I won't have to entertain the neighborhood kids and such that all come to play. I figure that since I have no way at the moment of setting aside my own time during the day, I can start doing that within the next week or so. Trying to read lj_abuse late at night is not working with everything else that has been going on lately, but that's going to be the time I give to casework. I figure that setting aside time in the evenings for that is the best way to make sure I get it done. Considering everything that has transpired in the past week and a half, I am really surprised I can remember my own name. Life has been very frustrating, and I've not had an outlet to relieve any of that. So I did the next best thing, and redid all of my journal layouts this morning.

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Let's see. Friday I watched Amish In The City with Damien, which I actually feel a little wierd about because I enjoyed it. Clearly I would get along better with the Amish folks, as the "city kids" are all a bunch of assholes for the most part.

Saturday Damien and I went to the movies to see the big nut filled turd that is "The Village". I have to say it, for as big a fan of M. Night Shyamalan as I am and for as much as I have enjoyed the other films, this piece of shit sucked the putrescent, rotten asshole of a dead seal with a straw. I was very disappointed with this one. Came home and made a vat of Blue Caesar Salad and 5 lbs of Pan Barbecued Shrimp for the entire clan, which was fun and enjoyed by all. Oh, and spaghetti and meatballs for Damien and the kids, since they don't really do shrimp.

Today has been kind of a lazy day, catching up on laundry and dishes and such. I made a big batch of pizza dough this morning and some red sauce this afternoon, and baked us all 3 HUGE pizzas on my pizza stone for dinner. I'm so proud of that damned stone, it has been used so many times it's practically the color of dark chocolate. Perfectly seasoned, NOTHING sticks to it. It produces the best pizza crust and focaccia you've ever eaten. And besides, homeade pizza is awesome and very cheap to make. And my sauce kicks ass too, so there you go.

I'm not quite tired enough for sleep yet, so I'm going to read some more of my book until I'm sleepy enough. Be well, all - have a good week!

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